Monday, October 03, 2011

KC report

I'm back in Chicago, doing catch-up after a great weekend spent meeting with and chatting in person with people I've only really known online. Among them, Jeff Geerling did the wonderful service of creating a kind of summary package of the talks; I have to say that he did a masterful synthesis of my own presentation--so much so that I don't think I need to post a link to the talk itself. (But I will.) Eventually I hope to get the video the postulants took of my talk and stream that so I can have it to share with others. (Our whole group of postulants drove in from St. Louis with Sr Rebecca to take part in the conference as their first "group" experience.)

It was Jeff who gave the talk on "Gadgets and Gizmos" in which he offered a sample QR code--and I was the first in the audience to open the link from the QR code on my (Android) phone (beating out all the iPads and iPhones in that well-wired hall!). So I got a prize from among the many gadgets and gizmos that Jeff gets sent for free as a technology product reviewer. It was an iPad microphone stand. "Do you have an iPad, Sister?" Jeff asked as he presented it. "Not yet," I told him: "It's on Jesus' 'to do' list." (They loved that. But it's the plain truth.)

Next year's conference will be in Dallas, the last week of August. That creates a potential conflict with our usual August recording schedule. I have already written to the sisters in Boston to see if the recording schedule can be pushed up by a week so I can get both in! 

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