Monday, August 29, 2011

Still singing!

Beginning the "dress rehearsal"
The glowsticks added a little flair...
We have to be in the studio at 3:00 this afternoon to continue our recording project--the one that was put on hold last week as we worked on our (very successful!) Christmas concert. Sr Mary Emmanuel, our community photographer, took over 500 pictures of the rehearsal and event; you can see some of the highlights on our Facebook page (you already "liked" us on FB, didn't you?).
A big contingent from Boston's Brazilian community helped fill the pews, and gave us a very responsive audience. It seems that many others would have come, if not for the threatening weather. In the end, even the weather cooperated to a degree, as the big storm didn't hit until midnight (although today our publishing house phones are down).

The concert will be aired (and, presumably, streamed) on NET* NY, the TV ministry of the diocese of Brooklyn. They will also produce a DVD, so you will have a chance to join the fun. (Bring your own glowstick.)

*NET= New Evangelization Television

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