Friday, August 19, 2011

The Missals are Coming!

One thing I especially appreciate about being at the motherhouse for an extended period of time is that it allows me to catch up on some of the publishing house news that never quite makes it to the official channels of information. For instance, yesterday I was at the supper table with Sr Susan James, who works in our Order Entry/Customer Service department. She commented in an offhand way that they have been fielding a lot of orders for the new Sunday and Daily missals (that Sr Linda is still laboring over in the paginating/proofreading room ). I took advantage of the opportunity to get a little info that I can pass on to you:

  • Our publishing house is only able to sell direct to “dealers” (i.e. bookstores) because of royalty issues. “Regular people” will be able to order it from our webstore and from our own bookstores, though. So the orders Sr. Susan has been taking are only from bookstores. (If you patronize a local Catholic or Christian bookstore—and I certainly hope you do—ask them if they've ordered the St Paul Missals yet.)
  • Going back to the name of our original personal-sized missal, the new edition will be called the “St Paul Missal. And instead of having Sunday and Weekday editions as with the Vatican II Missals, we will have both Sunday and Daily versions, and the “daily” means really daily, not only weekdays. (It's a technicality to us non-liturgists, but if you put “weekday” in the title of a missal, you are not allowed to include solemnities!)
  • The prices are fabulous. The Daily missal will sell for only $45.95 (less than $1 per week!) for the “leatherflex” (the only binding available from Pauline).

Here's a sneak peak:
And in the meantime, you can sign up to get a special message when the missals are available for individual purchase.

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