Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Busy week

I thought that once we got off retreat I'd be able to post on a fairly consistent basis, but it's not turning out that way. We are still at the retreat house, with daily updating classes that keep us pinned to our chairs pretty much all day, with a few (short) breaks, plus time for meals and prayer. I barely had time to tweet my daily Liturgy haiku!
We just finished two days with one of our Brazilian sisters who is a professor of communications; tomorrow we begin two days on Canon Law with a sister from another congregation. Then Saturday we will hear a succession of sisters from the various departments of the publishing house tell us what is going on (and what is coming out!). I can tell you that our website is undergoing daily changes in view of a total transformation; you can visit it now, but the links won't all work, so you might find it a bit frustrating until the job is complete. They had to allow the incompletely updated version to go live, though, for various reasons. I'm looking forward to getting up to speed in the other areas.
Then on Sunday we go the motherhouse: our next recording project begins Monday morning. We hope to have the "choir cam" in the isolation booth so you can watch us at work!
Meanwhile, I'll see you when I see you!

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Ashley said...

I know that people hear the word retreat and they automatically think "relax!" I am often prone to thinking that. But then I actually attended a retreat (2 weeks long) and realized what work they are. The work in a retreat isn't so much identical to that kind of work that we do at our daily jobs, by my oh my, the spiritual reflection is work! From the looks of it, you are pretty busy, but I am sure your retreat time, though also busy, helped prepare your spirit for this busy time.