Monday, August 22, 2011

And the Cordero Award goes to...

Last year at the Catholic New Media Celebration, one of the best speakers of the weekend was Catholic TV's Father Robert Reed. Fr. Reed has done a fantastic job of shepherding Boston's archdiocesan TV apostolate, already over 50 years old, into the new media era. He fits the definition of a Catholic “who has striven to uplift the human spirit and to recognize the dignity of the person in or through media,” which happens to be our definition of a person who merits the “Cordero Award.”

Cordero isn't just Spanish for "lamb" (as in "Cordero di Dios" in the Mass); it was the last name of our Mother Paula, a missionary from Italy who helped establish the Daughters of St. Paul in America (and other places, too!). Although Mother Paula did not have much formal education (she only went to the village school in her hometown in the Alpine foothills), she made enormous sacrifices to see to it that our first American sisters were equipped with the background they would need to bring our publishing apostolate forward. At a time when most sisters didn't even complete college level studies, Mother Paula Cordero was sending the Daughters for Master's Degrees. And so the Cordero Award is the highlight of a fundraiser for our education fund.

On September 18, at a Sunday afternoon high tea, Fr. Reed will receive that honor here at the motherhouse. If you're in the Boston area, you might want to come for the benefit event; if you're not a New Englander, but benefit from Catholic TV's internet offerings (and they are plenty), you can sponsor a place setting—or a table! (Contact Sr Christine for the details.)

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