Thursday, July 21, 2011

Keeping up with technology (just barely!)

This week I requested (and received) an invitation to the not-quite-fully-public social network from Google, and have been spending a bit of time poking under its hood, trying things out and generally seeing what it is and what role it might play in our mission. I'm still doing that, in between everything else. What I have noticed is how many users are wondering (as I am) how to "be" in so many places at once, using each network according to its own specialized character. Google+ is not Facebook, which is not Twitter, which is not a blog, so it's not exactly one size fits all. Do you simply rework the same material and post it in a variety of places, or give your participation in each network a distinct character? Google+ has the advantage of allowing users access to every other users posts, should they care to follow them. This means I can use Google+ to position myself as the proverbial fly on the wall over the desk of any number of leaders in any number of dimensions of culture...but I don't really have the luxury of doing so!
My primary goal right now is to complete and hand over to Sr Helena the translations of all the interviews that we recorded in Italy last October. It has been a challenge--but also a blessing, because it means I get to "meet" again the wonderful souls who shared their experience of learning from the Founder from the very early days. (One of the priests we interviewed has already departed this life, so our interview is most likely the very last public testimony he was able to give of his years with Bl. James.)
The transcription of the translation did not go well, so now I am parsing those one by one, phrase by phrase. If there is time, I hope to attach my audio translation to the movie files so Sr Helena can pick just the clip she needs for the documentary. (I just may be able to accomplish all this before leaving for my retreat at the end of next week!)


Margie said...

Dear Sr. Anne,

Many thanks for the update on (a) technology; and more importantly, (b) the progress of the most-awaited documentary. May God continue to bless you and all who were involved in this important undertaking so as to bring forth the Christ-centered message of the grace-filled life of Blessed James Alberione. Amen.

May the Queen of Apostles intercede in opening doors of people's hearts for the much needed resources in order to bring Blessed Alberione's film to completion for the glory of God. Amen.

Margie Skeels

Anonymous said...

Deus Providebit. Father Alberione has worked miracles in his lifetime why not now.