Monday, April 25, 2011

Can't stop singing (or writing, or translating...)

Keeping quite busy these days! I am preparing a video to go with the release of our latest album ("There can be Miracles"). Actually, three of us are doing these short videos to show what the singers do when they're not at the motherhouse recording albums... But I am also preparing the First Saturday retreat for the Cathedral in St. Paul, MN--for May 7. And in between, I am trying to make progress in translating the hours and hours and hours of interviews that we filmed in Italy for the documentary on the Founder. Sr. Helena got some footage of me doing that "simultaneous translation" from the video files so you can see me in action:

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Anonymous said...

My dear Sr Anne, when you say on your blog that you are wildly enthusiastic about your mission, you are not just whistling Dixie.
Your actions speak volumes. Are you sure that you are not more closely related to St. Thomas Aquinas. Mother Thecla and Father Alberione are cheering in unison "Yes". You have it nailed.

Just musing.