Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Chicago Tribune inviting religion to the table

The Chicago Tribune is valiantly giving the religious community the opportunity to reflect on current issues and events. Naturally, though, if they don't find readers, we can expect less and less of the same: which news organization in today's culture has extra resources to invest in items of little interest? So if you have any opinions or convictions in areas like the Defense of Marriage Act, conditions in Israel or Palestine, the death penalty or other moral and ethical areas of society, frequent the site and make your own voice heard! Whether you agree with the contributor or not, why not share the link with others and invite their input, too? The Holy Father wants us to engage in conversation; that is why the Pontifical Council for Culture is inaugurating its own "Courtyard of the Gentiles."
My own biggest challenge as a sometime-contributor to the Tribune's blog is making sure that I know at least something of what I dare to write about, because any time we write (or comment) as Catholics, readers presume we are informed Catholics. They may even take what we throw out in an offhand way as the official stance of the entire Catholic Church! And since so many Tribune readers may already be alienated by the Church's little-understood teachings, I usually send in my posts with a good measure of fear and trembling, lest I misrepresent the Church. (I am so glad that Robert Barron is one of the other Catholic bloggers for this page!)

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