Monday, January 10, 2011

Go with the Slow

I caught myself again this noontime, slipping toward the curb to sidestep fellow pedestrians whom I thought were just going too slow! This after fidgeting on an escalator behind people who--imagine that--stand still on the step, rather than take advantage of the conveyance to get where they're going just a little bit faster. (Of course, most of them were probably going back to work after lunch, and may not have especially wanted to get there any faster.)
It wasn't one of my new year's resolutions, but maybe it should be: to learn to go with the "slow" and accept the pace that is set for me by the people I share the escalator and sidewalk with. But that means admitting that shaving 30 seconds here and there isn't exactly going to help me meet my own deadlines that much sooner. For that I need to do some heavy lifting: addressing the real time-wasters in my life. Which, oddly enough, sometimes seem to be the very projects I am hastening to accomplish!

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