Tuesday, November 23, 2010

NOLA bound

My provincial superior gave me permission over the summer to come up with something to do in a warm climate as a kind of coping mechanism to break up the Chicago winter into something more manageable. She didn't have to push too hard! So toward the end of January I'll be in New Orleans, offering a few talks at our book center (about the Mass and probably about the new Roman Missal) and doing a little something at Holy Name parish as well. And anything else that comes my way.
In between, I do have other projects that have been on the back burner for quite a while, so it'll be great to actually tackle them. (And, it goes without saying, to see my family, too. (My sister lives a few blocks from the convent; Mom is a half-mile walk, and another sister is two miles from there.)

If your parish is in the Greater New Orleans area and would be interested in a talk on the liturgy (or on new media, or St. Paul), please have someone from the staff contact me. (My Google Voice # is (985) 276-9413.) 

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Anonymous said...

NOLA bound, what could be a greater gift for my 83rd birthday. Love and hugs.