Thursday, November 11, 2010

In the midst of the Kingdom

Today's Gospel was that ever-pertinent passage telling us that the "Kingdom of God" is not "here," "there" or "anywhere",  but that we ourselves are surrounded by God's presence and power. All we really have to do is learn to pay attention.

Of course, sometimes God acts in ways that make you just sit up with attention. That's what happened in my family four years ago today.... When my sister, whom Hurricane Katrina had flooded out of her home, and who had to live in a trailer while her house was gutted and repaired, and who endured repeated problems with the trailer...
married the trailer repairman.
Happy Anniversary, Jane and Jim!

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K T Cat said...

Cute story!

As for God being everywhere, well, He's sure made things convenient, hasn't he? You can have a prayerful conversation with Him anywhere!