Saturday, November 20, 2010

I'm back!!

Wow, this has been intense! Now things are getting back to "normal." Sort of. I'm in Boston, about to begin preparing in earnest for our Christmas concert series (begins a week from Monday). So I hope my schedule leaves me enough space to resume my daily liturgy haiku and reflect enough to have a little something to share here. (That didn't happen today, but "hope springs eternal in the human heart.")
Back home in Chicago, our sister is home from her unexpected visit to the hospital, happy with the four units of blood that brought her back from the brink. (She still has some tests to undergo to discover what led her to that brink in the first place.) Naturally, the whole community was struck by the gift of life that was made through those four blood donors (we all want to reciprocate to the extent possible).
Also back in Chicago, our front window has been attracting some attention. (How long has it been since you passed a complete nativity seen in a show window?) Read about it on our bookcenter blog--and come on by, if you're in downtown Chicago this season!

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