Friday, October 08, 2010

Running Around Chicago

I'm about to run, myself, but not the way so many people are these days, decked out in moisture-wicking, energy enhancing active wear and fancy shoes. The city is full of athletes this week, and all of them are on the streets (or doing stretches by the light posts), gearing up for the Marathon on Sunday. We're even hosting two of the runners here: Alicia, who wants to consecrate  her life to God in a new Franciscan community, and her friend (and ours), Joyce, the editor of the diocesan newspaper.
This same weekend, we'll also host a group of Focus missionaries. (They have to rough it on air mattresses in the conference room--and then take everything apart in time for tomorrow morning's Theology of the Body study!) I'm looking forward to meeting these young campus ministers; maybe I'll be able to interview one or two of them for the Nunblog!
But first I have to adoration and Mass!


The Dutchman said...

My friend Carrie is running this year's Marathon, while I am in training for next year's. By then she hopes to have another baby on the way.

Anonymous said...

To devilishly handsome of the two pictures. Have you gotten an unbiased opinion or two re that assertion?

Shana said...

Oh Alicia! I had holy hour and dinner with her and the other NITS (their own term for nuns-in-training) when I was in Chicago. They are lovely.