Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Ready for Take-Off (almost)

It's time for "angels on wings" (as my family says when anyone is traveling by air). Tomorrow morning Sr Helena and I join our two-man film crew from Spirit Juice Studios, along with a small contingent of Pauline pilgrims, to get on location footage for the documentary. I think I packed everything I need...all except the mountain of work I now have to bring (to prepare for a two-day workshop for priests in San Antonio--taking Sr. Rose's place). The work is presently spread out all over the conference room table, but I left room for it in my carry-on. As long as they don't say the carry-on is too big... Or that there is a problem because one ticket (to Newark) has my religious name on it and my other ticket has my legal name...  I had, in fact, attempted to have that changed--but found out when I tried to check in today that even if my correct name appeared on the reservation, all of our tickets had been disassociated from it in the process. So there's no real way out of this name mess.
I have to remember, with St. Paul: whatever happens, "this will all work out for the spread of the Gospel!" And let that be enough!

But you wouldn't mind sparing a few prayers over those potential complications, would you?
I hope to take advantage of Italian wi-fi to send the occasional post or picture; after our return (in time for my Halloween birthday!) I will get you totally up to date. And then you can pray while I plow through the final preps for that priests' seminar. (Thanks!)


Anonymous said...

Bon Voyage and legions of angels accompany all of you

Anonymous said...

angels on wings