Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Thanks to Twitter, I can catch up on some of the news that I (you, too?) would have otherwise missed... 
  • Among the items: we can look forward to a new, weekly, nationwide Catholic perspective from the intelligently engaging Fr. Robert Barron. His Sunday morning program debuts in October. More here.
  • At least nineteen people in India are dead in violence provoked by minister Terry Jones' announcement last week of his intention to burn the Quran. "We Christians are more insecure than ever before," says a local Catholic bishop. More here
  • And the UK has one more day to prepare for Pope Benedict's arrival. The beatification of Cardinal Newman (much admired by Benedict) is set for the 19th. The Cardinal's feast day will not be the customary anniversary of his death, but October 9, the anniversary of his reception into the Catholic Church. (The good Cardinal has already been recognized as a saint by the Anglican Church, and assigned the usual anniversary-of-death feast day.) Who knows? Maybe when the actual ceremony is held, the traditional date will again by on the calendar, as an ecumenical gesture.  More here.
  • How did the Statue of Liberty inspire the founding of a religious order? More here!

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