Friday, September 03, 2010

Tasting the New Wine

Wow, today's readings cast a lot of light on the rather unsettling experience I had yesterday with that (vocally judgmental!) priest. For one, St. Paul reminding the Corinthians not to make "any judgment before the appointed time, until the Lord comes." St. Paul knew what it was like to be weighed on the scales and found wanting before a human tribunal, being measured against the wrong standard like new wine being compared to a prized, aged vintage.
The Church will always need a new wineskin in its heart because the Holy Spirit will never stop introducing the unexpected into her life through the charisms of the saints. How many saints endured untold grief from the entrenched authorities of their day who were judging the new wine the saints brought by too narrow a conception of holiness, truth, ministry...  Jesus himself was dismissed on that account.
The new wine of the Theology of the Body (even if it is the "same old" Church teaching we had before, it is as yet unknown to the majority of practicing Catholics) requires a new mind, like a new wineskin, to be able to take it in. But many still want the old wine they were used to, or that they were taught to expect. May the Holy Spirit keep us from becoming entrenched in the familiar or the comfortable!

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