Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Full day!

Wow.  Right now, we have one guest sister in the house (just happens to be Sr. Frances' own sister, here for a conference). Tonight, another sister arrives, this time not from the Boston motherhouse, but from our Latin American "central office" in Colombia. Then tomorrow, one more motherhouse sister and the Mother Provincial from our Mexican community. Thursday, two more sisters (maybe a sister and a postulant) drive in from St. Louis, and Sr Helena drives off to her media literacy classes in North Carolina. (The Tuesday-Thursday arrivals are for the national Hispanic ministry conference this weekend.)
We'll have a full house through the weekend, so it should be lots of fun. And lots of menus to plan! I just got back from grocery shopping with Sr Frances. (There went the grocery budget!) Meanwhile, the printer is running off copies of a brochure I finally finished designing. (I hope! Just yesterday Sr. Margaret discovered a typo that had me fixing the file for the I'm-not-exaggerating 12th time.) The brochure is to let pastors and other people in ministry know about the adult faith formation talks I give. Now that the brochure is ready (or will be when I back up the copies I'm making), I can get back to actually creating the content for the next big talk on the calendar--an all-day workshop for the Archdiocese of Boston catechists. Sr Helena and I will be team-teaching this at that magnificent (and totally wired) Pastoral Center in mid-November. (Prayers to the Holy Spirit appreciated.)

And now? Jesus has patiently waited all day for me to hear his "Come, follow me" in an Hour of Adoration. Bye!

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