Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Snatching a minute

It has been pretty much non-stop, except maybe for Sunday--and even Sunday was quite outside the norm: Cardinal O'Malley celebrated the community Mass, and stayed for brunch and a visit to our recording studio. In the radio department, he recorded something for Sr Ruth's Spanish program, and then in the music studio, he listened to two of the more completed tracks. Before leaving, he gave a special blessing to the choir and to all the people who will be touched by the new album.
Monday morning, it was back to our 9:00 practice and 2:00 recording session, which we were able to stream on the "Choir-Cam." (No Choir-Cam today; the computer was getting a check-up in the Pauline tech department. Hopefully, we'll be streaming video, but not audio, again tomorrow as the choral recording finishes up and the solos and duets begin facing the microphones.) Tomorrow night we are also having an anticipated "wrap party" (Thursday is the scheduled finish date, but several of us have Friday morning flights back to our communities to prepare for.)
As we have been singing these "inspirational pop" lyrics, I have been filling them up with prayer. So if you don't hear from me for a few days....you'll know my days are full!

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