Saturday, July 03, 2010

True Believer

Today's feast of St. Thomas (a.k.a. "Doubting Thomas") is an invitation to reflect on faith: the kind and quality of our faith. And not just in the light of Thomas' condition-setting belief, but (on this First Saturday) in the light of Mary's faith as "she who trusted that the Word spoken to her would be fulfilled."
Mary is the first of those who did "not see but believed" on the basis of the angel's message, before any miracles, before the Sermon on the Mount, before the Risen Lord came and showed his wounded hands and side.
But Thomas came to believe, too. And so strongly that the Christians of the Indian subcontinent held on to the Gospel for 1500 years before encountering other Christians in any great number, celebrating the Mass (Qurbana) in Aramaic until fairly recently.
Lately, the Christians of India have been undergoing persecution in many regions; we can pray to their patron Saint and founder, St. Thomas that they will have the blessings of profound, joyful and contagious faith.

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