Friday, July 30, 2010

Introverts of the World, Unite! (by yourselves, of course)

I can so relate! Be sure to visit Jen blog on a regular basis; insight, inspiration and laughs.

You might be an Introvert If...
  • You see a solitary confinement cell on a prison documentary and think that some people have all the luck.
  • When bad weather hits your city and leaves you housebound, your routine doesn't change that much.
  • You wish there were a patron saint of getting voicemail when you call people.
  • You have ever snuck into your house the back way because your neighbors were doing something festive in their front yard and you were afraid they'd invite you if they saw you.
  • You get put on bedrest and it takes everyone a few days to notice that anything is different. (This actually happened to me. Although I guess that could be laziness more than introversion.)
Who's with me?

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Anonymous said...

Oh yeah! That's me! I could particularly relate to the one about the festive neighbors. At work, I turned down a "promotion" to a job that would have required me to meet regularly with groups in conflict. I thought, "Great--my own personal version of Hell!"--Harv681