Saturday, June 26, 2010

whole books could be written...

When we start recounting experiences in community life and mission, sooner or later one of the sisters says something to the effect of, "Too bad we can't put these things in a book." And she'd be right. Some of the most hilarious things will have to remain community lore, for family enjoyment only. One example that is pretty safe to share... When I was going to be living in Italy I needed a special kind of visa called a "soggiorno" (since I'd be there longer than 10 months). Sr. Mary Antoinette took me to the Italian consulate on the particular day of the week for granting soggiornos. The person on duty at the time didn't know how to issue them, so Sr. Antoinette told him what to do.
But now there's someone else starting to tell these stories: the engineer at the motherhouse.
Tim was in Chicago this week, overseeing the testing of our elevator. (He looks after all our properties to keep up with issues like boilers and safety codes and such.) It was nonstop "stories from the motherhouse." Only five years on the job and he has enough stories to fill a book. Tim has more stories than any of us. Including, he says, a whole chapter's worth just on Sr. Mary Antoinette.


Anonymous said...

will someone provide this man with a computer or a notebook and pencil? A video camera would come in handy as well as an ice chest full of budweiser. Do not let this gem out of your sight.

Sr Anne said...

Here's one Sr. Helena just e-mailed me: There are always people roaming around the retreat house. ... This one guy was looking for where a "knight templar" was buried and kept insisting. Finally Tim tells him: "This isn't da vinci code, here, ya know." The guy insists that he's coming back with a metal detector. Tim: "you are not coming back with a metal detector."
Somebody remind me what planet we are on, please!