Tuesday, June 01, 2010

What is God's

Had all day to reflect on that "throwaway" line (really a "takeaway" line) from today's Gospel: Give to Caesar what is Caesar's and to God what is God's.  How do we give to God what is God's? Sr Helena last year hit on a profound "hint": when Jesus is first asked the question about paying taxes, he holds out his hand and says, "Show me the money." They give him the prescribed coin, and he shows it to them: the profile of an emperor. "Whose image?"
Whose image, indeed.
Give to God what is God's: God's image in us.
But the image was tarnished; Jesus was there to restore that image. To "give to God what is God's" means we have to accept the transformation Jesus offers. That means change. But as Pope Benedict reminds us (quoting von Hildebrand): "Unreserved readiness to change is the indispensable prerequisite for the reception of Christ into our soul. "

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Soutenus said...

This is a wonderful post!! So much food for thought . . . and so well said!