Thursday, June 03, 2010

See you later.

I'm at the motherhouse in Boston, ensconced in an upstairs room that overlooks... the gap between two buildings. Fortunately, there's enough light to continue working on my retreat talks for the sisters. Which is what I will be going off the grid to do for a few days. (Retreat begins Sunday afternoon.)
Meanwhile, one of the best things about coming back to the motherhouse? Seeing all the sisters, some of whom I have known since I entered. (Which will be 35 years, come August 14.)
See you later!


Carol said...

35 years?? Good heavens, woman, I thought you were only about 30 at most! Have a wonderful retreat.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Carol, I am Sr. Anne's mother and if she were thirty, I would be so grateful to have all of that youth returned to me.