Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

I know it's a winter holiday song, but it fits my favorite week (outside of the Liturgy): the weekend-to-weekend Taste of Chicago. I am delighted to have some leftover tickets, and have been taking the long way home from Mass so I can get a tidbit (not to mention the freebies from various marketing groups). (You know me and free stuff!)
But what's so great about the Taste? Is it really the food? Actually, in a way it is: the food brings the city together in all its amazing diversity. It's a secular sacrament of communion, and those who drawn to it are equals who can look in another person's hands and just start talking (no introductions needed): "Hmm, that looks good! Where did you get it?" That's what I love so much about the Taste of Chicago. It's a relaxed, happy crowd, sharing discoveries freely. (My favorites? Tilapia tacos and hot, spice collard green egg rolls. Be sure to look for them.)
We'll have our Korean missionaries with us for a few days, and I am eager to take them to the Taste. No Korean food to be had, but what a chance for them to sample Mexican, Latin/Indian fusion, Greek, Italian, Polish, and variations of soul food, while seeing the whole city in one glance, in its people!

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Anonymous said...

Ummmmmmmmmmm Sounds like a great time for all and what camaraderie. You can have all of my hot, spice collard green egg rolls. I love sharing with good friends.