Thursday, June 10, 2010

Among Women

Podcaster Pat Gohn came over for Mass, lunch and a podcast interview today. We talked about the Angelus: what it is, how to pray it and why. I invited her to come back to visit our community in August, when the choir is scheduled to record a new album. She's already been to the motherhouse, having interviewed Sr. Kathryn Hermes, one of our most prolific authors.

We set up a "studio" in the retreat house library; that way we could talk our hearts out without affecting the universal reign of retreat silence... However, we did not take into account the clock on the wall, ticking loudly. LOUDLY. And no matter how we tried to just remove it from its place, all it did was spin around on the nail or whatever was keeping it there. (Finally, I stood on a chair and investigated matters more thoroughly, discovering the secret for dislodging the thing.) Naturally, we had no trouble filling a twenty minute podcast segment with information and insights about the prayer I think is our best, smallest evangelization and catechesis tool ever.

I'm thinking of taking advantage of VistaPrint's special offers and getting some Angelus postcards printed ups, for wide distribution. I already created a pdf template for two-sided business cards, but the print is so small.. and deskjet ink is not very stable. Another project for when I return to Chicago!


Bego said...

One of my favorite prayers -- when I remember. I never thought to set an alarm on my computer or phone. Still a little tricky when I happen to be in class, but that's usually only twice a week -- I don't have an excuse for the other days :)

Tonight I snuck a rosary in while proctoring an exam. Ten fingers is really all I need, right? I hope you figure out a clever solution to the prayer card!

val said...

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