Thursday, May 06, 2010

Summer Reading

I got a package from the motherhouse the other day. Inside were six copies of a new children's book. It's part of a series that we are publishing for school book fairs. I got the copies because this newest book (Family Ties) includes one (1) story I wrote years ago for My Friend Magazine, under the name "Deborah Boudreau." (The editorial department had a heck of a time tracking down Ms. Boudreau when they wanted to use her story; seems they couldn't find any correspondence with her at all in the files.)
Anyway, the thought came to me that the "Quick Reads" series would be ideal for summer reading for ages 8-10: a story a day to keep the child's reading skills active and engaged. Another book in the series is Friend 2 Friend. Between the two titles, there are 24 days of summer filled with reading!
And if you find Deborah Boudreau's story, be sure to leave a comment...

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