Monday, May 24, 2010

Hit the ground running, it's Ordinary Time!

It may be Ordinary Time, but I've got some extraordinary things coming up. Our Chicago community just hosted four sisters from four of our communities; next week four more are coming (maybe more? I lost count), and my sister Mary and her daughter are also taking the train up from New Orleans for a quick visit. (It was the only week my sister, an operating room nurse, could get off.) I'm preparing seven days' worth of retreat reflections for our sisters who will be making their annual retreat in our New England retreat house--but I have to get to Boston a few days earlier than planned, because Decca Records is doing a kind of "Singing Sisters talent search" search,  and our choir is on their radar screen.  As many of us in the choir as can are gathering for a sort of filming/audition in our own studio on June 3. Which means that instead of me wishing my sister and niece safe travels and seeing them off at Union Station, they will be wishing me safe travels and seeing me off on the Orange Line to Midway next Wednesday.
So I had better get back to work on those retreat talks.

If you're on Facebook, and not yet a fan of the Daughters of St. Paul choir (see box in sidebar), now would be a really opportune moment to click the "like this" button; we'll keep you in the loop about the taping with some footage of our own!


Elizabeth Mahlou said...

Good luck with that choir competition! And I hope you will get to enjoy all your visitors, too.

harv681 said...

Exactly how many "singing sisters" groups are out there? There can't be that much competition!

Anonymous said...

What a treat it has been having you among us in the sunny south even for a brief visit. It seems that you even brought some sunshine back with you to Chicago, along with home grown parsley, sage, rosemary, mint and thyme. Your fleur de lis apron and toque should come in handy. Bon appetit.