Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Doing St Joseph Proud

Our community, since about its first decade, has dedicated the first Wednesday of every month to St. Joseph. It's a way of remembering the humble virtues of the man who taught God how to work.
And we also have a community tradition of hard work. Once, one of the early members came to Church one day with ink-stained hands--to the horror of a visiting ecclesiastic, who said, "Aren't you ashamed to come here with your hands like that?" The printer just smiled. St. Joseph would have been proud. Those ink stains were like the merit badges of the apostolate.
Well, today I would do St. Joseph proud. We ordered a used HP printer (1220c) to replace a trusty but malfunctioning one (for which we still have a supply of very expensive ink cartridges). I've valued this printer for years because it does really good quality color work and takes up to 13" wide paper, so I can use it for posters (on photo paper, which really makes the images powerful). The printer came today. Ours may have been broken (and, okay, the innards were covered with a fine mist of black ink), but this one was filthy. And missing a part. And out of alignment.
Now it's clean and functioning, but my hands... well, like I said, St. Joseph would be proud of my inky fingertips.

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