Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Preparing a welcome

We're dusting one of our tiny rooms upstairs, getting ready to welcome a new sister to Chicago. I'll introduce her to you as soon as I've met her myself. So far, all I know is that her name is Sr Julia (not this Sr Julia) and that she is from Korea, coming here to polish up her English skills at the language school near us. Sr Julia will be about the sixth or seventh Korean Daughter of St. Paul to stay with us in Chicago for an extended period of time (we don't know how long her stay is projected to be). I am looking forward to introducing her to the marvels of this quintessential American city and its unceasing sequence of summer festivals.
Sr Julia arrives Thursday with longtime missionary, Sr. Gemma, as part of our Korean province's annual visit to the diaspora: Korean Catholic communities scattered across America.

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