Monday, April 19, 2010

Busy on Vacation!

So if you noticed the neglect here... Friday evening I brought Mom and my godmother to the French Quarter for a fabulous concert at the Historic New Orleans Collection: the Preservation Hall Hot 4 played for almost two hours in one of those lovely old courtyards (video coming!). My brother and his wife met us there and took us out to dinner afterwards at one of the Brennan family's many restaurants. (Yes, it was wonderful; you can't have a bad meal in New Orleans!) Tonight, I am taking Mom and my godmother to Loyola for a lecture by Fordham Prof Fr. Mark Mossa, SJ (one of TWO Jesuit Father Mark Mossas!) on the topic "A More Evangelical Catholicism: What the American Catholic Community Needs Now." From the title alone, I find myself in wholehearted agreement! Will let you know (tomorrow? Maybe not; I'll be traveling back to Chicago). And here on the table I have a photo (you'll see it eventually) snapped by my godmother of New Orleans hero Drew Brees with his wife as the King and Queen of the Bacchus parade. My godmother keeps a dozen or so copies at a time in her purse and invites people to donate $1 to her favorite missionary (an elderly Swiss Jesuit in India).
I think I'll write about him soon, too!


Mark Mossa, SJ said...

Sr. Anne,

As you may have discovered, he is Mark MASSA, with an "a." I'm MOSSA, with an "o." However, it's nice to see him being confused with me, for a change! It's usually the other way around!

Hope you enjoyed the talk!

Sr Anne said...


Sr Anne said...

My nephew will be starting at Fordham this year; if you see a James Flanagan (rugby player extraordinaire) anywhere, keep an pastoral eye on his welfare! He's a terrific young man, a fervent pro-lifer and an ardent Catholic.