Saturday, March 06, 2010

How is Lent (so far)?

We're not quite to the halfway mark yet, but how has your Lent been?
My Lent has been marked by the effort to keep up with the Lenten talks I am giving. I did my research starting in January, but the actual talks are coming down the pike one at a time. I suppose the real "Lenten" part is the spiritual effort not to be overwhelmed! I keep repeating with Paul that no matter how things turn out (so far, so good, actually), "this will all work out for the spread of the Gospel."
I spoke today with one man who gave up smoking for Lent. (My Dad used to do that every year.) The intense withdrawal symptoms really made an impression. Far from giving up his Lenten practice, he is determined not to poison his body with another cigarette. With the grace of God, he'll celebrate more than one kind of resurrection at Easter!
What about you?

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