Thursday, March 25, 2010

Angelus Day

I'm a big promoter of the praying of the Angelus, and what day could be more perfect for encouraging people to take up the thrice-daily remembrance of the Incarnation than today's feast? But every year I get the same sinking feeling: as ideal as the day is, it just isn't timed right. This year, the solemnity falls at the end of Lent, meaning that in just over a week, the Angelus gives way to the Regina Coeli (for the whole Easter Season!). And if the Solemnity of the Annunication of the Lord falls in Easter, well, there you have it.
It would be a great thing to raise awareness among Catholics who have not grown up with this tradition that we, too, have a daily "call to prayer" in which we honor the greatest truth (and greatest grace) of our faith.
So what day in Ordinary Time might be more suited to actually promoting the Angelus?

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