Friday, February 12, 2010

Listen up!

Did you notice that today's Responsorial Psalm, which is our "answer" to the First Reading, is the perfect match for the Gospel? The Psalm is one of those courtroom scenes, in which God is testifying and pleading at the same time: O my people, if only you would listen to my voice! And in the Gospel, some people bring a deaf person to Jesus. Jesus heals him with a touch and a command: "Be opened!"
The thing is, ears don't have lids, like eyes.  We can tell someone "Open your eyes" and it makes sense both literally and figuratively. But "open your ears" sounds suspiciously like "O my people, if only you would listen to my voice!" It is as if we were holding our hands tight over our ears, shouting at the top of our voice, "La-La-La, I can't hear you!" (Of course, while we're shouting like that, we can't exactly communicate much of value to anyone, either.) So Jesus touches us and says, "Be opened!"
May we all receive something of that touch today.

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