Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Great Silence

One of the more typical Lenten practices (in terms of the "prayer" dimension of the traditional triad of observances) is an increased recollection, usually sought through forms of silence. For some people, this means being more alert about occasions of gossip, and pulling back from conversations moving in that direction. This year, I am noticing a new form of Lenten recollection: people are giving up Twitter for Lent. (There may be a few hardy souls who are going cold turkey on all forms of social networking, but so far I haven't seen any notices about people giving up Facebook!)  If my mission didn't involve these forms of communication, I would probably give this greater consideration... although I certainly could moderate my interactions a bit more!
Do you have a particular Lenten form of recollection that you try to practice? What is it?


KW said...

Hi Sister--

Ran across your blog tonite after reading your commentary on the Trib website regarding full-body scanners. Anyway, my friend and I (both Protestants, but observing Lent through word, deed, and prayer)...ANDDDDD...we gave up Facebook! It has been a tough road for these last 6 days, LOL, but we're committed to letting go of our addictive distraction...turning down the volume..and hearing from God :)

Shana said...

I give up facebook for lent. I gave it up last year too and I think the year before. Really helps break the addiction. Though I feel I should be cutting back on the internet in general within reason, at least so I'm not using it to distract myself from what I should really be doing...lately my 'vice' has been surfing the web reading vocation stories! They are just ever so interesting.. but work has to get done if you know what I mean.

Sr Anne said...

Keep it up!