Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Can't go home again

Hopefully, today's Gospel (Mark 6:1-6) sounds very familiar: we heard Luke's version of the same incident in two parts, last Sunday and the Sunday before that. It is Jesus teaching in his hometown synagogue and getting dismissed by the locals. He's Mary's boy, for crying out loud! What could he have to tell us, who know all about him and his background?
It's the opposite of the reaction we expect (and so, by the scholarly "criterion of embarrassment," all the more likely to be the unvarnished historical truth). The people of Nazareth treated this proclamation of the Good News as if it were just anybody's message. Interestingly, St. Paul got the opposite when preaching the Gospel in Thessalonica: "You received the message from us, not as the words of men, but as it truly is, the Word of God at work among you who believe." It is as if Jesus suffered rejection in his preaching, so that his apostles might be welcomed in his place!

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Anonymous said...

Witnessing to one's own is never welcomed by them. Plus Jesus was telling the locals in Nazareth - the Truth About Themselves. God said He favored Syrians not the Israelities whom He sent Leprosy to.