Wednesday, January 27, 2010

If the Sower went out today

If the parable of the Sower seems mightily familiar to you, it is because we have three renditions of it in the Gospel: Matthew, Mark and Luke all include the little story of the Sower, the seed and the harvest (from zero to 60 in one season). Given our technological society (didn't Apple just announce its newest must-have?), I thought a little update would be in order.
A driver was going to make a call. At the first intersection (it was a long red light; this driver doesn't try to actually make calls while driving), there was only one bar, and though there was a connection, it dropped right away and the call was lost. At the second intersection (a railroad crossing with the gates down), there were two bars. The phone rang, but the voices went in and out and the other side hung up. The third attempt came in a parking lot. There were four bars, and the call was answered with enthusiasm. But before the conversation could even get anywhere, the other party said, "Look, it's great talking with you, but something just came up. I'll get back to you." But the fourth call (at a rest stop along the interstate) was made on five bars, and there was mutual delight in hearing the other's voice, and lives were changed forever.
How many bars on your prayer-life's phone?

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