Monday, January 04, 2010

Back to "Normal"

How has your New Year begun? Got those resolutions in place? Keep any yet?
With the feast of Epiphany behind us, we are technically in the Christmas Season, but in a rather muted way--especially since the "holidays" are over. So it's back to "normal." Except that for our community, it will still be a few days until we are back to our usual rhythm of life, because we are now in the midst of a visitation with our Provincial. It's a pretty laid-back visitation; we only have one official meeting, and the rest of the time is for the sisters to meet with the provincial one on one. But prayers are always a good idea during such encounters, so I thank you ahead of time.
As things really get back to normal, I need to shift gears from creating posters for the book center (I have one more to do....) to preparing the talks I will be giving throughout Lent, and the retreat conferences for our sisters (summer). It is the sort of thing I totally procrastinate over, because I find it so intimidating--even though I love actually giving the talks! Maybe part of my feeling intimidated is that the topics are so overwhelmingly huge (imagine: Eucharistic spirituality and the call to continual conversion); I don't know where to begin, end or focus! Hopefully, as I get into the actual preparation, do the research and reading, the focus will ... come into focus for me! (What does the Lord want to offer to me and through me on these key topics? That is the question.)

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Bego said...

I'm sure you'll handle it with grace (don't you love double entendres that don't have to be dirty?).

Merry Christmas (still!).