Friday, December 11, 2009

TV shoot

So today we were at Catholic TV. They have a fabulous set-up in a former convent. The convent chapel still serves as a real chapel as well as the set for the TV Mass. The basement level has several large studios and a control room that had us all, well, drooling. We crammed ourselves onto narrow risers to record a half-hour Christmas program for the network (which will be re-christened "ChristmasTV" for the 72 hours of nonstop Christmas programming). It was a great morning, even though I think we all would have appreciated a little more sleep...

Now we are heading to Attleboro, MA. Two years in a row, our concerts at the La Salette Shrine had to be canceled at the last minute: one year because of a blizzard, and the next year because of a power failure. We're hoping that the third time will truly be the charm!

Did you visit the Tribune site to comment on the bubble zone article? Especially if you have had experiences like those of the Chicago team, your testimony could be helpful.

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Bonnie Rodgers said...

All of us at CatholicTV were so happy to have you! I have posted one "sparkly" picture on our Facebook page and will post the rest in a little bit.

Just keep clicking your heels and say " there's no place like Attelboro" and poof, there you'll be!