Monday, December 21, 2009

Tree topper

A priest told my sister that a star "ought to be" atop the Christmas tree. That was news to me. We always have an angel in community.
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Anonymous said...

I always say that those who insist on a star think of the Matthew account and those who insist on an angel think of the Luke account. (Whether they know it or not.)

My other rule of thumb is that "star" people marry "angel" people and that the wife always wins the argument.

Anonymous said...

I used to put a star on the tree. But when I started looking for a snazzier star, it often wouldn't fit without much trouble. Which is why I think I replaced the star with an angel. Sorry for such a pedestrian reason. Actually, I now feel that an angel is more appropriate. Though we shouldn't forget the star over Bethlehem. Maybe I'll put a star on a small table top tree. So there.

Thomas said...

ALWAYS an "Angel" household. My wife created the one that now sits atop our tree.

Blessed Christmas to you!

Enbrethiliel said...


My family has alternated between Angel and Star, depending on what my mother's decorating scheme was for the year. (Cool colours usually meant an Angel; warm colours, a star.)

Incidentally, some Protestants in South Korea are topping their Christmas trees with crosses! Their Catholic compatriots are shaking their heads in exasperation.

Anonymous said...

A beautiful silver angel adorns the top of my Christmas tree. There are enough stars in the eyes of my grandchildren.