Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Prayer for Retreatants

Our Boston motherhouse has welcomed a group of discerning women for the "Pauline Discipleship Week." Since we were asked to remember these women in our daily prayers, I thought I would extend the invitation to you!
Here's the prayer written for the occasion:

Jesus Master,

We pray for all who will be participating
in the Pauline Discipleship Week.
May they come to know you
as the Divine Master,
the Way, Truth and Life.
And may they come to know themselves
as your disciples. Gather them together
around you, as you drew the
first disciples to yourself in Galilee.
Send your Holy Spirit upon them,
so that they may proclaim your
Word to the world.
We pray through the intercession
of St. Paul, disciple and apostle,
whose one desire was
“that Christ may live in me.”