Monday, November 23, 2009

Ornaments needed!

Mom and Jane left this afternoon, so I didn't have time to even turn the computer on. (I keep it shut down for the Lord's Day.) Last night, Jane and I went ice skating in Millennium Park. That is, Jane went ice skating. I went mostly for an attempt to stay upright, which I managed. Afterwards, we took a walk along Michigan Avenue to see the Christmas decorations on the various flagship stores. Some were quite lovely. Others were conspicuous for their absence. Most engaging, to me, was the tree in front of the Tribune Tower, which was otherwise quite remarkably bare. (Maybe they are waiting for Advent?) A sign informs the passer-by that this is the "People's Tree": you can bring your own ornaments, leave them at the front desk of the Tribune building, and they will be added to the tree.
The "People's Tree" started out as a bit of a radio stunt, but it got "legs" as they say, and the official lighting will be tomorrow. With free chocolate and pizza. (I hope I get there on time!)
I think I will bring a religious ornament over. Maybe I'll even collect a few from our decorations (I'm not sure we have any inexpensive, weather-proof ornaments for sale downstairs in the bookstore) to make available to "people" who want to contribute something in witness to the "reason for the season" (hint: his name begins with J). Maybe I could make something, or use a permanent marker to add a message of some sort.
If you're coming to downtown Chicago for shopping for work, bring a real Christmas ornament for the People's Tree at the Tribune Tower! Or stop in here and see if I found any to share...

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harv681 said...

I saw the video of Nun on Segway. Where is the footage of Nun on Skates?