Thursday, November 19, 2009

Bubbling over (the Chicago Way)

So I had coffee yesterday with a sidewalk counselor who spends her Saturdays outside of Planned Parenthood. She filled me in on how the bubble zone ordinance got pushed, I mean, passed, through the City Council. It seems that when it was proposed in committee, only two members voted in favor of it. (Most of the members simply voted "present.") But it still went to the full Council, which passed it. The entire process was introduced and wrapped up in just six days.
Wouldn't you love to see your city take care of other issues that quickly?

And today I got an email about a set of twins whose lives were saved one Saturday on that corner of LaSalle and Division. They were born Sunday, premature and in need of a good month or two in the hospital. Prayers, please, for the little boys and their mother, who was preparing for them to be adopted.


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Katie P. said...

I would love to see Chicago work this quickly on 1) potholes and 2) snow removal. On the other hand, they are incredibly efficient about street cleaning in seasons when its not necessary...those must be their specialties--bubble zones and leaf-cleaning.

Ah Chicago.