Thursday, October 15, 2009

Our provincial arrived today with Sr Mary Domenica (from the provincial council) and Sr Elide (from the Latin American division). Sr Elide brought me a surprise from Sr Alicia: a charming work of Venezuelan folk art in ceramic. It's a round "relief" in bright colors depicting the Nativity. (I'll put a photo up tomorrow, God willing.) I just love it (but I may have to protect the Three Kings from Sr. Helena, who is intensely devoted to the Magi). Tomorrow our visitors' real work begins as Sr Elide interviews various leaders in Hispanic ministry in the area. As I mentioned earlier, I'll be driving them around (and cooking the meals, too: I don't know how that can actually happen, but if all else fails, I'll put a frozen pizza in the oven!).
On Saturday, Cardinal George will be at the Archdiocesan Festival of Faith, coming to our booth at noon for a book signing. I'll still be on call as the driver (and cook) for the visiting sisters.
Meanwhile, Sr Alicia's new (used) camera came today. Mom pitched in for it. I put in a 1 gb SD card. But this little Samsung point and shoot didn't come with rechargeable batteries, and regular alkaline AAs don't cut it: after four test shots, the new batteries were totally depleted! So I hope to find some high test batteries to send back to Colombia with Sr Elide. (Do they make extra strength rechargeable batteries?) Has anyone else had similar experiences with Samsung point and shoots? What do you recommend?


Carol said...

Well, since my daughter threw away my digital camera batteries when they went dead on her (she had no idea the camera came with a battery charger as well), I asked son who worked in a camera shop. He said to go get some rechargeable NiMH batteries, and a NiMH battery-specific charger. (NiMH = Nickel-Metal Hydride --you'll see that specified on the batteries and on the chargers.) Works well for two digital cameras here. I hope this helps.

Sr Anne said...

Thanks for the tip! Sorry you lost your original batteries... (technology is hard to keep up with.)