Saturday, September 05, 2009

Lord of the Sabbath

Wonderful Gospel for this Sabbath day. Not a day of rest, but tomorrow is our retreat day, so rest of all sorts is definitely part of the equation. Today I actually had some unexpected work--having run an errand for Sr. Lusia, I was asked also to stop by the grocery. (We have two sisters coming in from Boston for a meeting this week, so it won't do for them to forage through our leftovers.) I got to the store, made some careful choices and went through the check-out, only to learn that I did not have the proper payment method. I had to go all the way back downtown (I had gone a bit out of my way) and back again. So there went my day. As I stood in line again, I reflected on what it means to be a "servant" of that "Lord of the Sabbath." It means, among other things, that your time is not your own, and that you will not always know how or why things are "working together for the good" as they play out in your day.
Got home with all the goods, finally--but there were things in the fridge that needed to be cooked, so there went the rest of the afternoon (all the way up to five minutes ago): chopping, sauteing, peeling, stirring. But the sisters sure were happy with the bounty.
Now that my Sabbath of non-rest is coming to a close, it's time to shut down and start that retreat (part of which I hope to spend at the Gospel Tent of the Chicago Jazz Fest... Please, Lord, let there be a Gospel Tent!).

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