Tuesday, September 01, 2009

I posted a few days ago that I had been under the weather. Still am. That's why I didn't fix my header yet (although I did manage to get my sidebar back on the right, thanks to a tip from one of Ours on the other side of the globe). What energy I do have has been going into designing some signs for our bookcenter. Not signs, exactly, but ... very large inspirational images to fit the empty spaces just out of reach in our wall units. That's what I was collecting quotes for a few weeks ago. (I can always use more quotes, by the way.) Here they are (all but one quote from Pope Benedict that was so ponderous my computer crashed and lost all that work every time I tried it), along with a note about the category of books they will probably highlight. Any graphic artists out there, your feedback is welcome (even if I may not be able to execute it properly...). Where I can get an image of the author's signature, I hope to use that to identify him or her. Except maybe for Chesterton, whose signature would... draw all attention to itself.


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