Saturday, August 15, 2009

Third Place

On this great (and oh-so-ancient) feast of the Assumption (or "Dormition") of Mary, when she was taken up to second highest place in heaven, I learned that I have been recognized for third place! Not in heaven (not yet!), but among Chicago haiku-writing Twitter users. (How's that for a narrowing of classification?)
Here's my haiku for the feast of the Assumption:

She who received Him
was then received by Jesus
and now waits for us.

Got a feastday haiku to share?

(Gotta admit: today's liturgy, including the Liturgy of the Hours Morning Prayer, was so rich, I felt overwhelmed. Going back to chapel for my hour of adoration almost feels like overkill!) Will write more later, God willing. Today we have a holiday and I hope to visit nearby Holy Transfiguration Monastery to see their icon of the Dormition, and also of the Hodegetria (my favorite).

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