Saturday, August 22, 2009

legacy tech

While I was in Boston, Sr. Margaret Charles provided me with some CDs of photos from our Pauline history. She also had a Zip disk (remember those?) of images from our brothers, but no way to retrieve them! "Hand it over," I said. I still have a Zip drive. And a really old laptop. (11 years old! Dad got it for me when I left for Italy--Aug. 23, 1998. Still works great! It's just that it only has 4 gb total drive space. Between two hard drives.)

So yesterday I found put together a legacy office with these artifacts. Since the laptop has no ethernet (it has a 56.6 kb modem card, but I seem to have lost the adapter for the phone cord), I had no way of installing an SD card reader, so I brought out an external CD burner (super fast 8X!) (only 9 years old). It took a bit to jog my memory into recalling how to use the burner, but I was able to transfer the files from the Zip disk to a CD for Sr. Margaret.

Just the other day, Sr. Helena went through one of our closets, pulling out a collection of little 35 mm (i.e., "film") cameras*, old phones and similar items that we can't bear to part with. (It just seems against poverty!) I think I'll hang on to my legacy office for a while, though. (Plus, I'll admit it: those old peripherals cost $100 -$200 each, so I still don't really believe we've gotten a full return on that investment.)

What legacy tech do you still hang onto? Have you had reason to bless the Lord that you still had it? What legacy tech to you wish you still had?
*Plus one really nice SLR... Looking for one?


Jeff Miller said...

No legacy tech anymore, wife had me throughout so many old PCs that I was never going to use again anyway.

Right now out of 4 computers in the house none our older than 2 years - though I am hoping they will last awhile.

Lisa said...

I think it's awesome that your treasurers proved useful in accessing some historical archives of real value. The vow of poverty pays in ways not often realized!

Sr Anne said...

How funny, Jeff! I just bought a third battery to keep my laptop going (I mean my "new" six-year-old laptop; the original baby in the photo is still on its original battery). But you're a pro, so ... you don't really count...

Anonymous said...

Is the Curt Jester still emailing Nunblog? So good to hear from this literary genius again. Please don't stop