Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I'm a bit under the weather these days... just dawned on me today that it might be an actual virus or something (!), so my brain is not functioning all that well. Makes me wish the Gospel these days were something a bit more consoling. I don't feel all that up to facing the polemic against the Pharisees right now. Thank goodness there are two readings--and St. Paul is rather gentle in this first letter of his (perhaps even the first he wrote). And the Responsorial Psalm is just perfect, a continuation of yesterday's: God sees us and knows us, inside and out. (And he's telling me, "Get the h--- off the computer and go rest!")


marika said...

could be allergies ... trees/ragweed are doing something in our area - sniffle, cough, and a really sluggish brain ...ugh!

Anonymous said...

Only you and the Almighty know how you feel. Get thee to bed and may He tuck you in.