Friday, August 07, 2009

Full Day

We managed to do two songs today. (One, "Crux Fidelis," was by King John IV of Portugal, written in 1656--it took us two days to finally conquer His Majesty!) It took pretty much all I had: I didn't even write my little daily haiku for Twitter! Tomorrow we get a bit of space. Technically, it's so we can learn our parts for another song, but...I'm hoping to trail Sr Julia with a camcorder so we can prepare a few more of her video book reviews. And since Mass is at 7:30, we get to sleep in a bit (if you can call 6:00 "sleeping in").
If you're on Facebook, please look up the Daughters of St. Paul Choir and become one of our fans: Sr Bridget promised to provide a little sample of "King John" for the fans, who currently number almost 1800! (Ask your FB friends to become fans, too!)
And, more good news from the choir: it seems as though we'll be expanding our Christmas concert series to new locales this year. Anybody in Northern Virginia? Cleveland? We hope to come your way: pray hard!


Charity Therese said...

...Is Hawaii on that list of places to visit for concerts? lol, I wish :D I guess I'll just have to visit Boston again sometime in the winter (yikes, scary...wonder how cold it'll be) to see your concerts...:)

Anonymous said...

the secret is "layering"