Saturday, June 06, 2009

Touched by an Angel

Remember the old TV show? The high point came when a heavenly light shone over the seemingly ordinary character who then admitted, "I'm an angel. God sent me to you." That's what happened to Tobit and Tobiah in this morning's first reading. And this was no ordinary angel, but "Raphael, one of the seven who enter and serve before the Glory of the Lord."
On Trinity Sunday we celebrate the mysterious nature of that Glory. God is one, but God's way of being one is bigger than our sense of oneness. When the heavenly light shines over us, we'll discover that we, too, are not "ordinary characters," but participants in a mystery of one-in-communion.

Being one-in-communion even now (though we don't really experience it in any ongoing way), we are one body in Christ, like the song says. In that one body, I ask your prayers for two of my friends who this week were diagnosed with cancer. I know they'd appreciate it.

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Anonymous said...

My prayers are with those two friends